Senior Software Developer
445 Summit Rd.
Watsonville, CA 95076
+1 310 980 2841
Innovative + intuitive
software development
helping organizations achieve
goals efficiently and enjoyably
Highlights of Qualifications
Professional software developer with over 15 years experience creating complete systems, and maintaining/improving existing codebases
Proficient with PHP, Laravel, Javascript, JQuery, Ruby on Rails, AJAX, CSS/SASS, Git, Vim, AWS
Excellent collaborator, team builder, problem solver and communicator
Continually expanding knowledge of new systems and languages
Active Jazz Piano Player, Composer, and Yoga / Meditation Instructor
Professional Experience
Seinor Full Stack Developer
Santa Cruz, CA
2021 - Present
I work on a team of developers building and maintaining the software at 2ndNature, including the front end web app, back end API, and Dev Ops. I directly communicate with members of the product team and help to design the specifications for new features, solve UX and UI challenges, and streamline user workflows.
Software Engineer and Yoga Instructor
Mount Madonna, CA
2007 - Present
Created and co-designed an online visitor reservation system (hosting some 2,000 visitors per week) using Ruby on Rails, AWS servers and storage, and Ably.io for realtime messaging, including an iOS app for staff to scan QR codes and manage parking. Due to extremely high demand for visitors to the Temple, the reservation interface had to be tuned to accommodate hundreds of people reserving at once, often with over 100 reservations being claimed in just a few seconds.

Helped to develop and maintain the Mount Madonna Center, Mount Madonna Institute, and Temple websites using Craft CMS for content management, AWS for servers and storage, and including a number of custom built plugins for integration of content across the sites and other custom internal systems such as program registration.

Developed the Mount Madonna Media Library (using Ruby on Rails, leveriging AWS for storage) for students to access resources including streaming audio and video from classes they have taken. Developed an operations app for creating, maintaining, and managing the schedules for Center work areas, staff, and administrative groups using CakePHP (currently being rebuilt using Ruby on Rails).
Website Developer
Gilroy, CA
2015 - 2021
Worked with a graphic designer and information architect to create new websites for nearly a dozen companies to date which meet the specific goals of each client. We use Craft CMS for content management and a number of AWS services to provide fast and responsive websites and applications.
Software Engineer
Salt Spring Island, BC, Canada
2012 - 2021
Replacing various outdated systems and databases with a comprehensive software tool integrating the many unique aspects of the organization's structure. This web based app is designed to bring together online registration, contact databases, room assignments, administrative task delegation, detailed reports, and systems management into one streamlined and centralized location. This is a Ruby on Rails application utilizing jQuery, AJAX, and SASS.
Improving productivity, reducing error, minimizing manual labor and employee burn-out.
Website Developer
Los Gatos, CA
2011 - 2015
Collaborated with a graphic designer to create a new company website complete with a product database, online store, news article section, knowledge base, and an employee back end with fine-grained access control. Employees and partners can log in to take advantage of the specially designed content management system which provides a simple yet powerful interface for modifying the content and behavior of the site. Technologies used include CakePHP, jQuery, AJAX, Ubuntu Linux, MySQL, Apache, and Git.
Jazz Piano Player, Composer, Band Leader, Recording Artist
2001 - Present
Featured on numerous published recordings including Drumenergy (2012) – Shawn Glyde (Keyboards, Composer), Alternate Rhythm (2007) – Shawn Glyde (Keyboards, Composer), 3D (2004) – Jing Chi (Composer)
Piano Player, Grand Hotel, Mackinac Island, MI (2005)
Leader of the Jazz trio “Society,” playing weekly at Stobers Bar in Lansing, MI (2003 - 2004)
Ran a weekly Jazz Jam Session in Boston, MA (2001 – 2002)
Berklee College of Music
Boston, MA
2000 - 2002
Music Composition
College of Creative Studies, UCSB
Santa Barbara, CA
1998 - 1999